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Literary Voice  is a Partner of Archive-It, and the journal's content is permanently archived on multiple servers by Archive-It. As an Internet library, the Internet Archive provides "permanent access to digital collections for researchers, historians, and scholars." 

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This Journal(s) content is being Preserved at LOCKSS through the OJS/PKP Preservation Archival System. For more information, please visit "Preserved in LOCKSS." The LOCKSS system has permission to collect, preserve, and serve this Archival Unit. 

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 Including this Journal(s) contents is being Preserved at PKP PLN through OJS/PKP Preservation Archival System further details in regards to this can be found here:  "Preserved in PKP PLN". 

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All the published research articles of the Journal are preserved in Fatcat! through data Preservation Archival System. For more further details click here: Literary Voice on Fatcat!